One of the benefits of speaking every week in church is you get comfortable in front of audiences.  I've had the privilege of speaking in a variety of contexts on matters of faith, discipleship, mission and culture.  Much of my experience is among college students and young adults, many of whom come from an Asian-American background.  My unique flavor is to combine authenticity and hard hitting Biblical truth in a way that is accessible to Christian and non-Christian audiences.  I generally tie everything back in to the Gospel, and enjoy showing how the good news of Jesus spills into our lives in discipleship, community, justice and mission.  My style is conversational - generally speaking, I just talk.  It's not a performance or speech.

Contact me If you're planning for a conference or need someone to fill in at your church. There is a suggested honorarium of $150.



Seminar Speaker at New York Summer Conference '14

Retreat Speaker for Grace Faith Church Young Adult Retreat '11

Retreat Speaker for City Grace Church Spring Retreat '12, '16, '17

Frequent guest speaker at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, New York University


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